About BwCIRT

BwCIRT is the Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) for Botswana and provides an official point of contact for dealing with computer security incidents in the Government Departments, and Internet Service Providers (telecommunications sector and Internet community), and other relevant entities to handle all types of information security incidents. BwCIRT collaborates and coordinates globally and regionally with trusted CIRTs in responding to computer security incidents and share information about security hazards.


Founded in 2019, by Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority under the supervision of Ministry of Transport and Communications, BwCIRT is the first official and only non-profit CIRT in Botswana. BwCIRT is not a regulator, but provides services for free, and do not compete with any commercial services in the market. It helps Botswana Internet community to understand the cyber threat landscape and better prepare for, defend against, and mitigate cyber threats and incidents.

Mission Statement

The mission and goals are to:

  • serve as a trusted point of contact and act as clearing house for security incident-related information within the constituency.
  • improve awareness and knowledge of IT security among the constituents.
  • keep contact with other CIRT teams and cooperate with national and international CIRT organisations.